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Ashford International

Did you know that you can catch a train from Ashford International, all the way to continental Europe? If you didn’t know that already – you do now! Next time you look at book a holiday away to Europe it’s well worth looking into the cost of rail tickets – as well as aeroplane tickets. Often getting to Europe is cheaper by train – and the journey is often a lot less stressful too. If you’re planning a getaway from the UK, or you need transport to and from Ashford International for any reason, we’re the people who can help! We run a minibus hire company serving Kent and London.

How much does a minibus to Ashford International cost?

It depends on many different factors – but the best way to get a ball park figure of how much a minibus is going to set you back, is to look at our booking page. Select the dates and time that you need the minibus to pick you up, and we’ll give you an instant quote. You can then take a little time to mull it over – or just book it there and then. If you don’t want to use our online booking form and you’d prefer to speak to someone over the phone, just call us! We’ll be happy to help you.

There are lots of merits to travelling via minibus when getting to Ashford International. First off, you won’t have to spend hours on end hunting for an elusive parking space. Secondly, you won’t have to cough up loads of money to leave your car parked. Thirdly, you don’t have to worry about negotiating the traffic or finding the station if you’re not familiar with Ashford – our driver will do that for you!

We cater for other stations and occasions too

It’s not just Ashford International that we offer our minibus to hire service for – we also offer our transport service to people coming into Euston and St Pancras. We also take parties to airports and sea ports around the country – and we also specialise in taking groups of people to concerts, days out and other events. If you’ve got a group of people that need taking from A to B – make sure you enquire about our coach hire.

We cover a large area with our minibus to hire service, so don’t delay – pick up the phone right away or use our online booking form to secure your place on one of our minibuses.